Intranet Benefits: Increased Productivity and ROI

An intranet is a secure database that enables internal employees of a business to share documents, files, calendars, and other important information. Intranets can also be configured to allow access to remote employees, and are useful for sharing information with business partners or clients. The addition of an intranet to your business provides many benefits, including increased productivity and a higher ROI.

In order for your small business to become and remain successful, your employees and human resources department must have access to information when it is needed. Relying on your HR staff to provide your employees with information on policies, benefits, company updates, and other information can be time-consuming, expensive, and unproductive. If that information is organized and located in one central database, it will enable your workforce to concentrate on other tasks.

An intranet will allow the staff of your small business to spend less time searching for printed documents and more time focusing on solving problems, dealing with clients, and earning money for your organization. When employees have access to important documents and files as they are needed, their productivity increases dramatically. Additionally, easy access to business-critical information facilitates learning and reduces the likelihood that your employees will make mistakes from inaccurate or incomplete information.

Small businesses that encourage collaboration and the sharing of information between employees and management tend to be more effective and successful in the long term. A central database will enable your organization to make policy changes more quickly, and will provide a cost-effective means of keeping your employees informed about organizational updates and news. There is no need to print and hand out newsletters, as all important company information is organized and located in one central location. This is especially useful for updating remote employees, as well as for workers that are on vacation, on leave, or away from your facility for another reason.

Instant messenger programs made possible by the use of a company intranet can greatly enhance communication between your employees, and are often more time-efficient than face-to-face contact, phone conversations, and even email. This improved communication, when combined with the ability to share and access client files and company documents, will dramatically improve your customer relations, relieve the burden on your HR staff, and ensure that your employees remain focused on the important aspects of their jobs.

While it might appear expensive to develop and implement an intranet, most Intranets can be very affordable for the tightest budget, and the financial savings your organization will experience over time will sufficiently cover any costs incurred. The increased productivity of your employees from the addition of an intranet to your organization will result in higher sales and increased customer satisfaction.

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